Artificial intelligence and big data platform


TeraLab is an artificial intelligence and big data platform within IMT. It provides technological resources and a whole ecosystem of experts companies, to remove scientific and technological obstacles faced by organizations wishing to exploit their data and accelerate experimentation and technology transfer.


TeraLab offers companies and organisations access to researchers, students, and innovative companies to remove technological barriers to the use of their own data. We provide technical, legal, and infrastructure tools, as well as specialists’ support in a sovereign, secure, and neutral environment, to allow companies and organisations to experiment and prototype products and services.


Over 70 research, innovation, and education projects


You will be able to access real data and carry out your research projects in a stable, state-of-the-art environment for a successful collaboration with your partner companies.

We enable you to provide your industrial partners access to their data by furnishing them with all the guarantees of sovereignty, security and neutrality.

We provide computing capacity that will allow you to validate your work.


You enable your students to interact with companies developing innovations and working on real use cases.

The TeraLab team will also be there to accompany your students, if they wish, with hands-on practical advice for in using the tools.

You will also be able to provide a trusted environment for your business partners.


You can find the right innovation or research partner depending on whether you have a technological or scientific barrier to raise.

The TeraLab team supports you from both a legal and technical point of view to enable you to make your data available to researchers, students or innovative companies, in a secure environment and with state-of-the-art tools. We can offer several levels of security to allow you to work in the most agile environment possible.


A complete environment for analytical needs


IMT is a leading French group of engineering and management schools, providing initial training in a variety of technical subjects, including data and AI. MORE INFORMATION

Telecom Evolution’s short sessions and Specialized Studies Certificates (CES) are aimed at data science professionals who wish to acquire specific knowledge, as well as managers and project managers with specific needs. MORE INFORMATION

IMT is one of the European leaders in MOOCs. Nearly 80 online courses are open to all those who wish to acquire new skills and get professional training, in French and English. Several MOOCs from IMT schools are integrated into schools’ initial training programmes. MORE INFORMATION

IMT Disrupt’ Campus is a programme to train students in digital innovation and entrepreneurship by working on real use cases. MORE INFORMATION

IMT runs a major incubator network, which incubates some 70 startups per year. MORE INFORMATION


AI4CCAM is developing an open environment for Trustworthy AI in Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) operations, focusing on advanced AI models for predicting vulnerable road users’ behaviour and user acceptance of self-driving vehicles. MORE INFORMATION

OMEGA-X is implementing a multi-vector energy data space built on open standards and interoperable with Gaia-X, and tested in four use case families (Renewables, LEC, Electromobility and Flexibility). MORE INFORMATION

MAESTRIA addressing a major challenges of data integration and personalized medicine with the aim of preventing stroke and heart rhythm disorders. MORE INFORMATION

DIH4AI is building and connecting DIH-driven AI-on-demand regional platforms, based on an innovation and collaboration platform developed in the project MIDIH and linked to the pan-European AI4EU toolbox and experimental facilities.  MORE INFORMATION

EUHubs4Data is establishing a European federation of DIHs, to consolidate as the European reference for data driven innovation and experimentation, foster collaboration between data driven initiatives in Europe, federate solutions in a global common catalogue of data services and datasets, and to share data in a cross-border and cross-sector basis. MORE INFORMATION

ASSISTANT aims to develop breakthrough solutions for the manufacturing industry, using artificial intelligence to optimize production systems. One of the keystones of ASSISTANT is the creation of intelligent digital twins. MORE INFORMATION

METRICS is bringing together European competences in robotics and systems testing through robotics competitions in four priority areas: health, agri-food, agile production, and infrastructure inspection and maintenance, in order to address critical needs for evaluation of intelligent systems, which is an essential condition for their adoption. MORE INFORMATION

AI4EU is mobilizing the European AI community to build a collaborative AI-on-demand platform, a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for AI knowledge, technology, tools, services, and experts. MORE  INFORMATION

BOOST 4.0 is the largest European Big Data initiative for industry 4.0. This project is building a European data space to improve industrial competitiveness and provide guides and tools for the European manufacturing industry on the introduction of Big Data into the factory. MORE INFORMATION

MIDIH (“Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs” ) is a unique entry point providing services for industry with access to the most advanced digital solutions and the most up-to-date experiments. MIDIH provides access to skills and opportunities for market collaboration and access to finance in the field of information technology for the production line. MORE INFORMATION

PULSE was dedicated to participatory urban living for sustainable development and pioneered the development and testing of dynamic spatio-temporal health impact assessments using geolocated population-based data. PULSE has engaged in a collaborative dialogue with a range of stakeholders across seven global cities to transform public health from a reactive to a predictive system focused on both risk and resilience. MORE INFORMATION


The Big Data Value Association is an industry-driven international not–for-profit organisation with more than 200 members all over Europe, with a vision of positioning Europe as the world leader in the creation of Big Data Value. TeraLab holds BDVA i-space label: silver in 2016-2019 and gold since 2020. MORE INFORMATION

The International Data Space Association promotes data sovereignty, by enabling trusted data exchanges taking place through federated, international data spaces that are globally certified by IDSA. In 2019, IMT became the French Hub of IDSA. MORE INFORMATION

TeraLab was one of the 30 digital innovation hubs selected for this prestigious network, to boost international collaboration.

The goal of GAIA-X is to establish an ecosystem in which data is made available, collected, and shared in a trustworthy environment, based on a federated and secure data infrastructure. IMT is among 22 founding members of GAIA-X association, created in 2020. MORE INFORMATION


Cap Digital is a non-profit organisation to foster digital and ecological transition, based in Paris and recognised as one of the largest hubs in the digital ecosystem in France and Europe​. MORE INFORMATION

IMT is accredited by Carnot Institute, whose labels recognise research partnerships between IMT labs and institutes and private companies. MORE INFORMATION

The Franco-German Academy for the Industry of the Future is an academy “without walls”, launched by IMT and the TUM and aimed at enhancing the complementarity of Franco-German research and training skills in the domain of industry of the future. In the long term, interacting with companies, it will constitute a bilateral network of excellence with a European reach. MORE INFORMATION 


Professionals at your service


Director of TeraLab since 2015, Anne-Sophie Taillandier is a graduate of Supélec (Centrale Supelec) and holds a PHD in Machine Learning from ENS Paris Saclay. She has extensive experience in software publishing and in industry. She will help you to specify your use-cases and identify the right partners in the TeraLab ecosystem. In addition, she is an expert for Cap Digital since 2013.


Emilien Maudet is the chief technical officer of TeraLab. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and the Ecole Supérieure d’Électronique de l’Ouest. He has 12 years of experience in cloud computing and data analysis for the urban planning, energy, environment and construction sectors. He has managed designers and technical teams on software projects for connected buildings, eco-districts, energy networks (heating, cooling, electricity) and renewable energy production systems. Emilien will support you in the specification, architecture and implementation of your solutions.


Benoit Tabutiaux is technical project manager for TeraLab. Engineer, PhD in Computer Science, with a Master in Research Management and AI, he started his career in a startup specialized in the Man-Machine dialogue, for which he is in charge of the R&D department. He then put his expertise and versatility in the financing and management of innovation projects. Since 2016, he focuses more exclusively on managing R&D projects related to data processing and AI as well as building partnerships at an international level.

Within the TeraLab team, Benoit’s role is to assist you and monitor your projects while ensuring the interface with the Teralab technical team.


Luis Pineda has joined TeraLab in 2021. He has over 10 years of experience in R&D both in the public and private sectors, with an inherent orientation towards international projects. He holds a PhD in big data and cloud computing from INSA Rennes. Luis can help you with your project definition and will be the link between you and our technical team.


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